Behind the Music (BTM): Fashion Nova (ft. RED)

Ay! Just wanted to share how my brother and I created this song, and what all went into it!

So, to give some background, I grew up very religious and at multiple times in my life I have been a worship leader. Transitioning from being a contemporary worship leader to being an alternative Hip-Hop artist was a pretty big struggle ngl. You can read more about my views on why it was a struggle on my last post!

Anyway, my brother RED (Jason Eugene DeCarlo) has always been my biggest music inspiration. Ever since we were kids he was always different. This nigga could play the guitar like a monster! He gave me my first guitar, which I still have, and taught me the basics so I could learn it. I fr look up to this dude more than I’m sure he’ll ever know. And the best part is he won’t read this until everyone else does! When we were teenagers, we would sit in his room and write or mess around with songs for hours. I remember how excited I was to show him when I taught myself Ed Sheeran’s Tenerife Sea on guitar. I ran to his room and he was so happy for me, it was hella cool and made me love music that much more. We both ended up moving away at some point or another, and now we both are independent artists and collab on quite a few songs.

I came up with the track and melody of Fashion Nova while I was at my house in Springfield. My girlfriend was working on homework and I got the urge to make a fun song about her and how stupidly beautiful she is lol. I usually write sappy songs about how much I love her personality and who she is, so I figured I’d make one about her looks, cuz…DAMN she fine. So I started messing around with some different melodies on the piano and something stuck. As I was looking at her for inspiration, all I could think was that she stay looking better than any model I had ever seen. She’s like a mf goddess, I swear!

The hook says,

“Fashion nova goddess looking hella chic

Like Melly, had to go and look for my Penelope

Got a supermodel body you could put on me

Shawty we can try to match each other’s energies”

The Melly line is a reference to YWN Melly’s Genius interview for “mixed personalities”. Check it out lol.

After writing the hook, I hit a creative crossroads on how to keep the song flowing so I called RED and asked him to throw some lyrics down. I sent him the track and he started writing ASAP. A couple of days later he came over to the house to record it and here we are! This song has a lil bop to it, and both RED and I are super pumped for everyone to hear it! We both wrote about our SO’s and had honestly the best time doing it. Next time we collab, I’ll video some of the behind the scenes and post it up!

Thanks as always!


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