Personal Tattoo Design

Personal Tattoo Design

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I will personally design a tattoo for you based on your style and vibe through social media and after a brief chat with you! I will get it back to you as soon as possible through email in a .png file that can be sent to any tattoo artist and printed off as a stencil! 


I love art and the way people express themselves, I do music primarily but I’ve always had an affinity for tattoos. Ive been tattooing for a couple years, and have always been fascinated by other peoples perspective of the individuals around them: what they perceive about them, what vibe we give off to people, and what people really see our style as in their eyes. So, saying all that, I want to extend the feeling to others as well by designing their tattoos. Think of it as a way of self-reflection through another eyes!


Make waves!